Give your clients more.

Delegate your ABA billing to experts who are focused on driving your agency’s growth.

It’s practical.

Bring on an experienced team on board to handle the tedious administrative tasks you dread.

It’s cost-efficient.

Swap out in-house billers for professionals who offer superior service and support.

It’s growth-oriented.

Gain time to focus on reaching more clients and impacting more families.

It’s liberating.

Feel calm and confident that your accounts are meticulously managed.

"As experienced ABA billers and claims specialists, we have a deep understanding of what it takes to create and maintain a successful RCM operation.

Our aim is to share this valuable knowledge with others and help them achieve similar success."

Novices thank us.
Experts trust us.

Whether you are an ABA start-up or an established agency, Therapy Management Solutions provides insight that helps you make data-driven decisions and boost your revenue through efficient billing.

Real numbers. Real partnership.

With TMS, you get more than a service – it's like having a reliable friend who's honest and upfront, offering clear updates that give you a real picture of what's happening in your business.
Now you can focus solely on customer care.
Revolutionize your RCM with us. Let’s talk

We keep things simple.

Implementing a new billing system doesn’t have to be daunting. Our specialized experience assures a seamless transition without any disruption to your workflow.

First, we get to
know you,

learning about your passions, challenges, and business

Next, we review your billing,

analyzing provider requirements for smooth processing and denial prevention.

Then, we carefully transfer

your A/R data, claims details, and patient demographic information.

Now you’re set

with a streamlined billing process that guarantees precision and gives you peace of mind.

Why Outsource?

When you’re looking to excel as an ABA agency,
maintaining in-house billing is easier said than done.
You think

“I can manage
this myself.”

The reality is that it’s just too much to juggle everything. Client care, staff support, and company growth are too many priorities to hold at once.
You think

“I can have my
staff do it.”

The reality is that ABA billing is different from general medical billing. Hiring and training is exhausting, and who is held accountable if it’s not done right?
You think

“I can save

The reality is that skilled ABA billers are expensive, in addition to the overhead costs that are associated with full-time employees.

Partnering with TMS is your answer.

Access a team of experts whose collective knowledge provides you real-time updates and support, every day of the year.
Count on a dedicated account manager who knows your billing procedures.
Benefit from efficient denial management by our prompt and skilled team.
Get personalized consulting insight to boost your agency's growth.
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