Why Outsource?

“Delegating is not a sign of weakness, but of strength.”

– Steve Jobs

We know therapy billing.
Especially ABA.

Effective billing with us means streamlined processes, clean claims, faster reimbursement,
and improved financial health for your ABA therapy practice.


A dedicated specialist negotiates contracts on your behalf while customizing our services to align with your goals.


Our team’s rich experience wins you valuable insight that mitigates risks and increases cash flow.

In depth

Detailed weekly, monthly and annual reports present your performance metrics in jargon-free terms.


Prioritizing transparency,
we offer clear, regular
updates on processes and

A service experience that sets us apart

When you reach out, we’re there. Say goodbye to the frustration of dead-end customer service lines and welcome the pleasure of easy access to live, dedicated staff who know your business as well as you do. 

Partnering with TMS means winning access to professionals who stand behind you and are focused on your success. Always.

Looking forward to serving you.

Choose the people over the paperwork.

Opt for an all-encompassing RCM service experience that empowers you to put everything into your client care.

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