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What is ABA billing?

ABA billing refers to the process of invoicing and managing payments for Applied Behavior Analysis therapy services. It differs from standard medical billing because of the complexities and modifiers involved in the process.

Why should I outsource ABA billing?

Outsourcing ABA billing to experts ensures accurate claims, timely reimbursements, and allows you to focus on client care. We help you meticulously manage every aspect of your billing and claims so that you can focus on growing your practice and serving more families. TMS billing specialists can help with:

  • Provider CAQH setup and optional maintenance for providers
  • Processing enrollment forms for national and regional insurance carriers
  • Helping your practice get started with insurance companies
  • Claims scrubbing and submission
  • Payment reconciliation
  • Denials and outstanding receivables

What are common billing challenges in ABA therapy?

Challenges may include insurance verification, authorization management, and staying compliant with evolving billing regulations.

How can your service benefit my ABA practice?

Our service streamlines billing, reduces errors, and enhances reimbursement, allowing you to dedicate more time to clients. Our team helps you collect relevant patient and provider information, insurance details, and documentation of provided ABA therapy services.

Can you help with credentialing?

Yes, our team assists with credentialing and maintaining provider profiles for optimal reimbursement.

How do you expedite the provider credentialing process?

We assist in gathering necessary documentation, ensuring completeness, and liaising with credentialing authorities to streamline the process, allowing you to focus on patient care.

Why should healthcare professionals use your group contracting services?

Using our group contracting services gives healthcare professionals more bargaining power, possible cost savings, and simpler administrative processes. By negotiating together through our billing agency, providers can get better contract terms from third-party payers, resulting in improved payment rates and financial results.

Do individual practitioners have the flexibility to customize billing arrangements when participating in group contracting with your agency?

Yes, our group contracting services accommodate individualized terms in certain cases. While negotiating as a group, we understand that practitioners may have unique preferences, and we strive to tailor billing arrangements to meet their specific needs within the overall framework of the group contract.

How do you handle insurance verification?

We can conduct thorough eligibility verifications to ensure accurate information, reducing claim denials and delays.

What sets your ABA billing service apart?

Our expertise in ABA therapy billing, personal approach, and commitment to transparency guarantee the highest standard of service.

How do I get started with your ABA billing services?

Contact us to schedule a consultation. We'll discuss your specific needs and tailor a solution that helps scale your ABA practice and allows you more time to focus on serving your clients.

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