Our Story

Bringing you 30 years of combined skill, strategy, and support centered on delivering specialized billing and claims management services, our founders recognized the demand for a savvy team that would empower the ABA community. Our passion lies in sharing our rich experience with ABA providers, enabling them to close revenue gaps and prioritize their clients with confidence.

Better management
bigger results.

Partner with a team of ABA billing experts who channel their field experience to accelerate your agency’s growth.

More focus

With insurance and invoices delegated to the experts, you gain more time to invest in families that count on your support.

More insight

With timely, transparent reports and personalized consulting services, you gain valuable direction from experts who’ve been in your position.

More revenue

With careful claims management and diligent follow-up, gain financial stability that sustains long-term agency success.

What sets us apart?

We're not just A/R experts; we're a group of seasoned ABA billers and claim specialists, pooling our passions and expertise to flawlessly manage your billing operations, while delivering invaluable scaling solutions along the way.
Discover how much we can achieve together.

Your passion,
our specialty.

Your passion is supporting families through high quality ABA therapy services, but the ever-increasing demands of insurance and government payors distract you from your mission. Our specialty is delivering ABA billing solutions that alleviate your workload and allow you to focus on what you do best: empowering your clients to thrive.

It’s a partnership that empowers.

Meet ABA billing specialists who are approachable, meticulous, and committed to your success.

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